グミ研究所 Gummi lab.

Gummi lab, creating original gummies through OEM and
ODM commissioned manufacturing services.

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We will continue furthering gummies’
potential and pioneering a new future for gummies.

Gummi lab offers OEM and ODM commissioned processing services
(and can also handle small lots starting from 200kg).
We produce all of our gummies on a thoroughly quality controlled, ISO-certified manufacturing line, including hard, chewy gummies; smooth, velvety gummies with a gentle texture; gummies that are coated, as with sugar-coated gummies; and supplemental gummies which contain healthy ingredients. Gummi lab can handle all of your gummy needs.


Mission & Spirit

Giving shape to tastiness and fun. What's at our core is love.
We aim to quietly give back to society by using our gummy manufacturing technology to “give shape" to ideas and make tastiness, fun, and convenience a reality.

A message from Dr. Gummi

Hello, my name is Ko Mizuno. I am the head of Gummi lab.
We currently live in an environment surrounded by many incredible things.
One of those things is snacks and candy.

There are truly a huge number of different kinds of sweets and snacks around us. There are traditional Japanese confectioneries, as well as cakes, cookies, and other western treats. There are also savory snacks, like rice crackers and potato chips, and sweet snacks, like gum, candy, and chocolate. You’ll find that even Japanese confectioneries alone are divided into a large number of types, including fresh sweets, half-dry sweets, dried sweets, and so on. Although words like “sweets” and “snacks” sound simple enough, they actually compose a rich, complex world.

So, why, within such a large world, did we turn our attention specifically to gummies as the subject of our research? The answer is that we saw unlimited potential in the art of gummy making. Gummies are currently seen as simple treats, but we believe that they can become something more than that. It all depends on people’s creativity and how gummies are used.

It all comes down to gummies' literal and figurative flexibility.

It’s possible to make everything from hard and chewy gummies to soft gummies with a gentle, velvety texture. Moreover, you can coat gummies with something else, as with sugar-coated gummies. Further, there’s no need to throw a gummy away when you’re finished chewing, like with gum, or to put it in a container, like with liquids. Gummies are also eco-friendly in the sense that they don’t eat away at resources or create waste.
They can also help people's health, since they have to be chewed so much.

It’s even possible to make special supplement gummies by using various ingredients that are considered good for health. These gummies can be used to help make skin beautiful, increase concentration, and even to aid diets. They’re healthy and tasty. When it comes to gummies, the sky's the limit.

The issue most fundamental to our research is the question of what we will make with gummies. Our mission as researchers is to master the art of gummy making and to create a new future for gummies by discovering new ways to utilize them.

We took it upon ourselves to pursue this grand goal, and that’s why we started the Gummi lab.

Dr. Gummi


Ms. Koyasu: key researcher at Gummi lab Ms. Koyasu is gentle and always smiling, and she tends to see things a bit differently from others. For this reason, her outspoken remarks to superiors at work make her a valuable contributor to product development. She’s an indispensable figure who’s well-trusted by customers and sure to play a big role at Gummi lab here to come.

When you ask her what her hobbies are, the response is always the same: “I have no hobbies.” Apparently, she can’t come up with anything, no matter how hard she tries. She is, after all, a bit different from the rest, and everyone’s looking forward to seeing what she has in store for the future.

Researcher Koyasu
Planning and developmentResearcher Koyasu

Ms. Imada: the most trendy researcher at Gummi lab. In addition to gummies, she makes sure to check out other new products every week. She’s highly adaptable, ready to deal with anything, and can handle both clerical work and general development work adeptly. But that’s not all—she also takes on overseas export projects as well as domestic projects. No one can hold a candle to her drive. It’s no stretch to say that Gummi lab couldn’t function without her.

She’s always cool and collected at work, and her hobby is listening to music. She often attends live concerts on her days off, and is always sure to check out her favorite artists (who she likes regardless of whether or not they are well-known). Her normal routine is to sweat it out at a concert, then head out to eat grilled meat or ramen. There’s another side to her, however—a more feminine one, in which she eloquently spends her lunch at stylish cafes. At those times, she always takes pictures of anything “Instagrammable,” and then promptly uploads the pictures to social media. She’s surely the trendiest girl here at Gummi lab.

Researcher Imada
Trial productionResearcher Imada

Ms. Tanahashi: the researcher with the best aesthetic sense at Gummi lab. Ms. Tanahashi’s knowledge of gummies is rivaled only by her knowledge of makeup, and nobody can match her attachment to fair skin. Although you might not guess it from the way she looks, her reflexes are normally so poor that she can’t even cover her nose in time when she sneezes. Once she’s making gummies, however, she’s so graceful in her movements that everyone around her can’t help but be captivated. With her bright and sociable personality, she sets the mood at the research facility. Customers trust her because she responds to their inquiries earnestly and always gives quick, precise responses.

What are this lovable character’s hobbies? Youtube and video games! She, of course, watches makeup videos on Youtube, but she also uses the site to learn about gummies. She looks like an "indoorsy" type at a glance, but she actually often goes to concerts and bangs her head up and down to relieve stress. Also, she can eat more than anyone. If you put her favorite food, okonomiyaki, in front of her, there's no stopping her until she's finished!!

Researcher Tanahashi
Trial productionResearcher Tanahashi

Ms. Ninomiya: researcher and Gummi lab’s resident sunflower With her bright and beaming smile, other researchers can't help but crack a grin when she’s around. She’s quite the talent. She learns the job quicker than anyone else, and has an eye for details. Making use of her experience working at the gummy manufacturing warehouse, she’s showing rabid progress in gummy development. We expect to see great things from her in the future.

Her hobby is fishing, almost as though within her were the spirit of an old man. She takes her fishing pole to the tetrapods at the sea bank and fishes for scorpionfish, octopuses, and sardines. She then makes use of her skills and knowledge as a certified dietician to cut and prepare her catch for eating. Once preparations are finished, she slurps her fish down together with some freshly cooked white rice. She also likes to drink, almost as if to further complement her “old man” personality.  Beer, Japanese sake, cocktails...She likes it all!!

Researcher Ninomiya
Trial productionResearcher Ninomiya